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To prevent of rats in house

Fortunately, there are many ways homeowners can proactively prevent and get rid of rodent infestations in their homes:

Install door sweeps on exterior doors and repair damaged screens.

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Screen vents and openings to chimneys.
Seal cracks and holes on the outside of the home, including areas where utilities and pipes enter the home, using caulk, steel wool or a combination of both.
Store food in airtight containers and dispose of garbage regularly.
Keep attics, basements and crawl spaces well ventilated and dry.
Replace loose mortar and weather stripping around the basement foundation and windows.
Eliminate all moisture sites, including leaking pipes and clogged drains that provide the perfect breeding site for pests.
Inspect items such as boxes, grocery bags and other packages brought into the home.
Store firewood at least 20 feet away from the house and keep shrubbery trimmed and cut back from the house.

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If you suspect a pest infestation in your home, contact a licensed pest professional to inspect and treat the pest problem.
Discovering rats in your home or business can be very distressing. Luckily there are ways you can deter rats and avoid an infestation. Proofing your home to deny them entry and removing easy access to food and water can really make a difference. Rats need easy and consistent access to a water source, even though they only drink between 15–60ml per day. They will eat almost anything available, but they do prefer to eat small amounts of a variety of different foods.

See our tips below on practical ways you can help deter a rat problem:

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Keep foodstuffs in metal or glass containers with tight fitting lids.
Tidy inside the house and around the garden — less clutter means less places to hide.
Place outdoor rubbish bags in metal bins with securely fitted lids to stop them feeding from contents.
Clean up pet food and bird seed debris, and store pet food in robust containers with fitted lids - preferably above ground level.
Keep gardens free from debris. If you have compost heap don’t include organic food waste, as this will attract them.
If you have already spotted signs of rats, such as droppings, you may already be too late.
Proofing your home

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Rats will make the most of any opportunity to enter your home in search for shelter and food. Black rats are good climbers and will happily inhabit roof space; while brown rats tend to burrow more and are very adept at swimming in sewers and drain systems. Both species will gnaw at gaps to enlarge them enough for easy entry. We understand the habits and behavior of different rat species and know the correct method in pest proofing your home or business premises. Read more about pest proofing.

Need professional rat deterrents?

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Tamper-resistant rat bait stations professionally managed by Rentokil PCI are trusted rat deterrent and is safe to use even in locations where children or pets are present.

Our pest control experts can provide the most suitable treatments to a rat problem identified in your home or business. Professional services are often the most reliable way to guarantee long-term solution to a pest problem.

Way to remove a raised mole

Method 1: Use Apple Cider Vinegar
Apple cider vinegar is mildly acidic, due to the presence of acetic acid in it. It also contains malic acid, tartaric acids and alpha hydroxy acids that are beneficial for acne and similar conditions.

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Apple cider vinegar essentially burns the skin of the mole, causing it to scab and fall off. This process is not as scary as it sounds and is actually painless for many. Some may feel a stinging sensation.

Always use raw, unfiltered vinegar. Processed and refined vinegars often contain chemicals that may harm the skin.

Things you’ll need:

things you need how to get rid of skin moles apple cider vinegar

Raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar (burns the mole cluster)
Cotton ball

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Single-Step Treatment: Secure a vinegar-soaked cotton ball over the mole
secure a vinegar soaked cotton ball over the mole to get rid of mole

Soak a sterile cotton ball in raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar.
Place the soaked cotton ball over the mole, and secure it in place with a bandage.
Leave it on overnight.
Rinse the skin area with water in the morning to ensure hygiene.
Repeat this remedy until the mole becomes completely scabbed over and looks ready to fall off. Then, discontinue treatment and let the scab fall naturally. This may take 4 to 5 days. Use a fresh bandage every time.

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Method 2: Use Garlic
This remedy stinks, but only because of the pungent smell of the garlic. The enzymes present in garlic can help break down the cell clusters as well as the pigmentation of the mole, causing the dark mass to lighten and spread out. This also makes garlic beneficial for removing warts. Garlic also curbs excess melanin production, preventing dark scars from occurring after the mole is removed.

Since garlic has antibiotic properties, there’s also a reduced risk of infection during the healing process. However, it may cause a burning sensation. You are advised to protect the skin around the mole with petroleum jelly when using this remedy.

Things you’ll need:

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things you need how to get rid of skin moles garlic

Vaseline or generic petroleum jelly (protects the surrounding skin)
Raw garlic, minced (burns the mole cluster)
Step 1. Cover the skin around the mole with Vaseline
cover the skin around the mole with vaseline

Apply Vaseline on the skin surrounding the mole to protect it from irritation.
Step 2. Apply minced garlic on the mole and secure it with a bandage
apply minced garlic on the mole and secure it with a bandage

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Cover the mole with the minced garlic, and put a bandage over it to hold it in place.
Leave it on for 4 to 5 hours. If your skin can withstand it, you can repeat this remedy twice a day.
Replace with a fresh bandage every time and continue using the remedy for a week. If your mole completely scabs over before this, you can discontinue the garlic application and let the scab fall off on its own.

Method 3: Use Iodine
Iodine is a much gentler remedy than apple cider vinegar or garlic. It also will not irritate or dry out the surrounding skin, and has little chance of scarring. However, your mole may take longer to scab over with iodine remedy, so you’ll need some patience with this one.

Things you’ll need:

things you need how to get rid of skin moles iodine

Iodine tincture (eliminates the mole)
Cotton swabs